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Mole Removal & Mole Control


Mole Removal and Mole Control.

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  • Finding moles on your property? 
  • Stop the moles from tearing up your yard by reaching out to Topper's Wildlife Removal. We’re a mole removal company that can help. 
  • You can count on us to trap the moles humanely and quickly. It would be difficult to get rid of moles yourself. When it comes to your mole problems, trust a reputable mole trapping professional. 
  • We’ll make sure that your yard is cleared of moles. 
  • Call 214-846-5554 to schedule our mole removal services today.

A Few Reasons to get Rid of Moles.

  1. Everyone wins with our Mole Removal & Mole Control Services.
  2. Insects are attracted to rich and healthy topsoil, meaning that you’ve done a good job taking care of your lawn or garden.
  3. Instead of spending lots of money on DIY home remedies, let us trap and remove them for you. 
  4. They are following their survival instincts and don’t mean any harm. 
  5. Contact us now to learn more about our mole trapping services.

We Caught a Live One

Not to often do we get the chance to catch a mole alive, but in this case we did and we are proud to show you and prove to you that we strive to handle your problem as if it were our own. Books us online or give us a call at 214-846-5554 for any Mole Removal and Control in Plano, TX. Ask about our Mole Control program.