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Nuisance Wildlife Control

Topper's is your local Wildlife Removal Specialist, offering FREE inspections in local areas across DFW. We take pride from beginning to end to ensure you're 100% satisfied with our service. Raccoon, mice, rats, opossum, snake, squirrel, there's no animal we can't catch. We seal entry points as well as disinfect and deter. We offer a wide variety of discounts. Give us a Call or fill out the info below to get a FREE inspection today. Rodent removal in Dallas/Ft. Worth and rodent removal in Garland. Call us at 214-846-5554.

Raccoon Removal in Dallas

 With its "bandit" mask and paws that look a little like human hands, the raccoon is a cute and familiar animal, but can also be quite a frightening pest. The raccoon's toes are flexible and it is very good at grabbing, pulling things apart and holding things. The raccoon is also an excellent climber, and one of the few mammals capable of climbing down a tree backwards or face-first. It generally lives in wooded areas near water, but is very adaptable and often found in suburbs and cities. For expert raccoon removal, contact us today.

Rat Removal in Dallas

Rats can be found in and around every town and farm in the country. It is estimated that there is one rat for every person living in the United States. They have followed man to almost all parts of the world. They have no respect for social class; they are equal opportunity pests. They are so closely linked to man they are called domestic rodents. Man supplies their three basic needs: food, shelter, and water. They can be found in your homes, supermarkets, restaurants, livestock pens, and farm fields. Warehouses, grain mills, elevators, silos and corn-cribs are especially vulnerable to their infestation.