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Who Is Topper?

Topper's is your local Wildlife Removal Specialist, offering FREE inspections in local areas across DFW. We take pride from beginning to end to ensure you're 100% satisfied with our service. Raccoon, mice, rats, opossum, snake, squirrel, there's no animal we can't catch. We seal entry points as well as disinfect and deter. We offer a wide variety of discounts. Give us a Call or fill out the info below to get a FREE inspection TODAY. 

Here are some Tips.

Dont spend to much money on doing it yourself. Have a budget in mind. How much will I spend on doing it myself or How much will it cost me for a professional to come and do it? What if I did it myself and spent hundreds over time and never got any results? I think we all like to take care of our own issues no matter the size of it. People will tell you to use poison or mothballs. Both are really bad. So getting a professional to come out and take a look for free sounds really good to me. 

Do you know whats really living in your Attic!

Here's a link to  "Baylisascaris procyonis"  https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/baylisascaris/diagnosis.html this is just one of many diseases found in Raccoon feces, also known as the (Raccoon Round Worm).

Here's another but this one comes from Rodents " Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis

Let us help you clean that mess up and get rid of those uninvited guest. 

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